Inspiring your Spring Term Campaign

Press the ‘on’ button for your campaign. Review the sliders below to help you think through what might be right for you – then give us a call to discuss your ideas!


The Spring Term is a critical time in the graduate marketing cycle. Whether your needs are short-term or you want to advance longer-term aims, the Spring Term period, being when many employers have already closed their annual application deadlines, is a great time to get marketing cut-through for your messages to students. First you need to decide which objective(s) you’re going to priortise. Take a look at the examples in the slider below to help you choose – click ‘More’ for more information on any of them, then move on to thinking about potential tactics.


You’ve decided on your objectives. Now how do you achieve them? You need to consider overall approach, creative, and media, and how each interacts with the other so as to create a powerfully effective campaign. Here, to whet your appetite, are some ‘sharp-end’ tactics that you could end up using to deliver your objectives. Take a look at the slider below to help your thinking – and there are many more we have up our sleeves too! Once you’ve done that, it’s about putting it all together...

Putting your Campaign Together

It’s vital to make sure your campaign strategy, the creative to support it, and the delivery on-the-ground and online all work seamlessly together. A great campaign is about lining them all up perfectly. Graduate Promotions is here to support you and deliver for you every step of the way. With over 14 years’ experience of graduate marketing for employers across every industry, internationally, we help clients with a range of requirements and budgets.


Need further inspiration?

Whether you need more inspiration or ideas or are ready to discuss the detail of what you’ve decided, call or email us now to move to the next stage in finalising your campaign this Spring Term. There’s no time to lose!

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